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Information on Healing Cancer with Nutrition-based Medicine, Natural Healthcare, Alternative Medicine and Integrative Medicine

Draft copy, updated 1/10/17, 11:56 PM

(1) A cancer diagnosis (or the diagnosis of any other healthcare concern) presents the following choice:

(1.1) Use natural healthcare methods to improve health and push the cancer (or other healthcare concern) out of the body from the inside out, through individual research and efforts.
(1.2) Use natural healthcare methods to improve health and push the cancer (or other healthcare concern) out of the body from the inside out, with the help of doctors and clinics who specialize in this type of healing.
(1.3) Utilize doctors and clinics who utilize the best of both worlds (conventional medicine practiced much differently than it is commonly practiced), and natural healthcare methods (through either natural healthcare method listed above).
(1.4) Use conventional medicine treatments through the most commonly utilized (and most commonly covered by insurance) methods.

The web page provides information on each of the above 4 options, with a strong focus on the first three options.

(2) Problems with the 4th option -- the use conventional medicine treatments:

(2.1) Harm caused by this system:

(2.2) Lack of effectiveness of this system:

(2.3) Failure to improve health. Improved health = better results (better health and vitality), with less side effects. Improved healthcare = better results, less side effects, reduced costs, and improved ease of access to improved healthcare. See Principles of Naturopathic Medicine, Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Directory.

(2.4) Failure to address the cause of illness, so the illness (and/or another symptom or condition related to the illness) may reoccur at a later time.

(2.5) Weakens the body's healing abilities through drug-induced nutrient-depletion -- depletion of nutrients known to be essential for health, such as magnesium and zinc, each of which have over 300 known functions in human health! Low levels of nutrients known to be essential for human health lead to poor health, healthcare concerns, and decreased energy and vitality. Taking nutritional supplements, which often contain about 50 nutrients, cannot replace the 1000s of healthful components of food that may be depleted or adversely affected by taking pharmaceutical drugs (patent medicines). Additionally, pharmaceutical drugs often come with many additional harmful effects, including causing: liver damage, adverse affects on brain function, accelerated joint tissue degeneration, headaches, muscle pain, reduced energy and a long list of other adverse effects, including death. The warning labels on drugs do not list all of the adverse effects and healthcare concerns associated with reduced levels of essential nutrients, which result from drug-induced nutritional deficiencies.

(2.6) High costs (much of which has been stated very clearly on the home page of patrickquillan.com).

Information on pursuing much different healthcare results, costs and outcomes is included, below...

(3) The mind and spirit lead our thoughts, beliefs and actions, which can greatly help (or greatly inhibit) healing:

(3.1) "You can make yourself ill with your thoughts, and, by the same token, you can make yourself well with a different and healing type of thought." (A quote the first video, below, which is a playlist of videos. The quote comes from the 2nd video within the playlist, at 11:25 min. The presenter is a Pastor Norman Vincent Peale, the author of the popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking, which is presented in audio format in the 2nd video of the playlist):

(3.2) Using the brain's unlimited potential to promote health and healing:

(4) Nutrition-based Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine

(4.1) Joe Pizzorno, ND's (naturopathic doctor) book on cancer: How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine: anti-cancer foods, general health/wellness promoting nutritional supplements, the top 8 anti-cancer nutritional supplements, and other natural and alternative medicine healthcare methods (including prayer) for improving health and healing cancer.

(4.2) Dr. Pizzorno and his team produced much of the content for www.whfoods.com, the top food site online, a top 20,000 site on the Internet, in terms of total traffic (ranking source: Alexa.com, a top web analytics website owned by Amazon), out of the current 1.1 billion websites online (as of 12/9/2016; more web traffic than 99.99982% of websites online!).  Cookbook and health info book on the 100-150 most nutrient-dense, inexpensive, common foods, which are highlighted on the whfoods.com website (for recipes and health info to read in the kitchen): http://amzn.to/2h9oPXa.

(5) Juicing Recipes (video playlist, below)

(6) Anti-cancer foods and nutrients

(6.1) Cruciferous vegetables (2) have some of the best supporting anti-cancer research: broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, cauliflower, arugula, bok choy, turnip greens, watercress, radish, daikon radish, horseradish, rutabaga, kohlabi, savoy cabbage, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, garden cress, land cress and shepherd's purse.

(6.2) Add broccoli sprouts (and other sprouts, but broccoli sprouts have very good supporting anti-cancer research) for extra anti-cancer nutrition.

(6.3) And, red bell peppers for extra vitamin C's many health benefits (support of the immune system, detoxification of toxins and carcinogenic substances, and strengthening connective tissue (which strengthens joints and reduces the likelihood of cancer spreading, according to Matthias Rath, MD, who worked with Linus Pauling. Book: Victory Over Cancer, Parts 1 and 2.

Vitamin C foods: Red bell peppers, papaya, strawberries, broccoli, Brussels, many others.

Book on Vitamin C: The Healing Factor - Vitamin C Against Disease, by Stone, Pauling and Szent-Gyorgyi.

(6.4) Vitamin A foods for lungs, immune system (it was also called the “anti-infective” nutrient), teeth and bones.

(6.5) Selenium is a nutrient with quite of bit of supporting anti-cancer research.

(6.6) Sulfur foods (garlic, onions, Brussels, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage) help detoxification. 

(6.7) Vitamin D (sunlight, salmon, sardines, tuna, eggs, shiitake mushrooms) has a seemingly endless list of health benefits.

(6.8) Grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder, and add them to other foods. Flax seeds also have very good anti-cancer research for the lignan fibers, and the seeds are a top source of omega 3 fats. Book: The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet: The Complete Recipes, Updated Research & Protocols for Health & Healing. Budwig anti-cancer videos.

After juicing, use the blender to blend in 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax seed with the juice with 1/2 of an avocado (the fats in the seeds and the avocado help absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as the carotenes/vitamin A precursor nutrients, vitamin E and vitamin K in vegetable juice).

(6.9) Another top anti-cancer nutrition book: Beating Cancer with Nutrition, by Patrick Quillin, RD, PhD, CNS, who worked for 10 years as VP of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

"Dr. Quillin’s book should be of value to every cancer patient.” – Linus Pauling, PhD, twice Nobel laureate, pioneer in nutrition for cancer patients.

Top anti-cancer foods listed in the book, based on nutrient density, anti-cancer properties, and glycemic index (how quickly a food raised blood glucose):

(6.10) See also Hallelujah Acres Cancer Support System (diet and nutritional supplements) and Gerson Therapy Cookbook. For nutrition, both of these source focus on the mostly raw, vegan diet, with lots of juicing and the use of nutritional supplements. Other authors (listed above and below) recommend some animal source protein (wild fish and organic meats), with a focus on anti-cancer foods, nutrient-dense foods, more vegetables (raw and cooked), juicing, and the use of nutritional supplements.

(6.11) Sauerkraut and kim-chi sold in health foods stores in the refrigerated section are foods are high in probiotics, vitamin C and nutrients from cabbage with known anti-cancer effects: http://www.rejuvenative.com/complete-guide-to-raw-cultured-vegetables/.

(6.12) Keeping it simple: some wild fish, organic chicken and other organic meats listed above in Beating Cancer with Nutrition and How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine, but mostly, lots more raw and cooked vegetables, some carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, some fruit (especially berries), 3-4 cups of vegetable juice in the morning (or more for intense support; some clinics recommend 1 cup of fresh vegetable juice hourly all day while you’re awake) daily. And, consume more of the top known anti-cancer foods (some are listed above), general health promoting nutritional supplements, and the nutritional supplements with the best immune support/anti-cancer research (some of which are listed below).

(6.13) For organic chicken, wild fish and other meats, it would be good to get in the habit of buying whole fish, whole organic chicken, etc. and boiling the bones in water. Bone broth's healing nutrients, and how to prepare bone broth. Bone broth healed/helped heal/cured a friend who had visited about 10 doctors for an immune related condition, when nothing else worked (even good nutrition and a long list of nutritional supplements). Wild fish (without added chemicals, which is not always the case when purchased in regular supermarkets) can be purchased from Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or other health food stores.

(7) Learn about, and actively support the body's natural healing systems

(7.1) Dr. Pizzorno’s book on the body’s healing systems (including helping the immune, detoxification and rebuilding/repair healing systems, and other healing systems of the body): Total Wellness: Discover the Body's Healing Systems and How They Can Work for You!

(7.2) New version of the book, but more technical: Clinical Pathophysiology - A Functional Medicine Perspective (be sure to catch the audio at the bottom of the page, were Dr. Pizzorno discusses why he wrote Clinical Pathophysiology. You’ll do fine by reading Total Wellness first. Or, by going slowly through the second book, and looking up anything that you don’t know.  These two books are two of the best for explaining the body’s healing systems and how to support the systems with nutrition-based medicine and natural healthcare. Scroll 3/4 of the way down the following web page to see an outline of the topics discussed related to the body's healing systems.

(7.3) In Total Wellness: Discover the Body's Healing Systems and How They Can Work for You!, it is stated that we all produce at least 300 new cancer cells daily. So, it is unchecked cancer growth that is the problem (rather than "I have cancer," since "we all have cancer"). And, in nutrition-based medicine, the focus is often on improving immune function and decreasing toxicity (and improving the body’s other healing systems: cellular health, digestion, inflammation, rebuilding/repair, hormonal/regulatory systems, normalizing insulin resistance, cardiovascular health, and psychological/social/spiritual health). 

(8) Raw foods

(8.1) Half of the vitamins and minerals in food are destroyed by cooking.

(8.1) So, more raw foods are commonly recommended for improved nutrition. Two raw foods cookbooks: Live Foods, Live Bodies, by Jay "the Juiceman" and Linda Kordich, and Rhonda's Culinary Creations, by Rhonda Malkmus.

(9) Additional Information on Juicing and Juicers

(9.1) Juicing book by one of Dr. Pizzorno’s top students, Michael Murray, ND: The Complete Book of Juicing.

(9.2) For a juicer, you could check out one of the Juiceman’s juicers (ask for promo pricing), or the Greenstar Juicer, which is one of the best juicers, but is also somewhat expensive, $400 to $600 (so maybe look for one used on ebay). Champion juicers are also popular, not quite as good for greens, but pretty good. The Greenstar Juicer or another high-end juicer will likely pay for itself fairly quickly, though, since it will extract more juice from produce than less expensive juicers.

(10) Blending

(10.1) Blending is fine and great too (and the Vitamix blender is great). For carrots, beets, ginger root or other hard vegetables, it can be easier to consume these regularly through juicing.

(11) Food Processor

(11.1) A food processor is also very helpful for whole food mixes of such as carrots, apples, beets, cabbage, broccoli, ginger, orange and avocado.

(12) Nutritional Supplements

(12.1) General health promoting nutritional supplements (recommended for promoting optimal health and healing), from How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine:

(12.2) The Super Eight: Fighting Cancer Through Key Natural Products, from How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine:

(12.2) Article on the herb milk thistle, by Michael Murray, ND (one of Dr. Pizzorno’s top students). Milk thistle is related to artichokes, is totally safe, and greatly helps the liver do its job (as do vitamin C, sulfur foods, chlorophyll, and many other foods and nutrients).

(12.3) Additional herbal products discussed in How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine:

(12.4) Probiotics: good bacteria, which have a major effect on our health (there are about 10x more bacteria in our intestines than there are cells in our bodies!). https://www.gardenoflife.com/content/products/probiotics/.

(12.5) Other nutritional supplements with significant anti-cancer supporting research:

(12.6) Nutritional supplements most commonly confirmed through chemosensivity testing (testing chemo drugs, and testing natural substances/nutritional supplements, against a cancer patient's individual blood sample, to determine if the drugs or the natural substance/nutritional substance has anti-cancer effects on the individual's cancer): https://www.slideshare.net/pjlombardi39/forsythe-immune-protocol-annual-do-meeting-january-17-2017-lake-tahoe-71652315/30

(12.7) Nutritional supplements on both lists (12.2 and 12.6):

(12.8) Additional innovative nutritional supplements:

(13) Exercise

(14) Website with many outstanding articles on innovative and effective cancer treatments

(14.1) http://www.burtongoldberg.com. His DVD on healing cancer:

(14.2) Others:

(15) Innovative Health Tests for Improving Known Factors Related to Cancer Healing Results

(15.1) Go deeper with nutrition-based medicine testing (see what nutrients you may be low in, and what toxic minerals and other toxic chemicals you may be high in): http://meridianvalleylab.com/. Founder of the lab skipped 2.5 years of high school, then went Harvard, then medical school. He and his assistant (both MDs) reviewed all of the major medical journals for the last 100 years on research on nutrition-based medicine (and there is tons of research on nutrition-based medicine and other natural therapies for improving health, healing, and promoting optimal health; they’ve compiled over 70,000 studies; the research is highlighted in this book: https://www.doctorgaby.com.

(15.2) Thermography…not mammography (or other x-rays)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt6c6OswqbE, http://tahomaclinic.com/thermography-for-breast-cancer-prevention/.

(15.3) Chemosensitivity testing - testing natural substances (such as foods and nutritional supplements) and chemotherapy drugs to see which substances are effective against an individual's cancer:

(16) Additional Healing Results

(16.1) A close friend who regularly plays basketball healed his torn ACL (after deciding in his mind to fully commit to the natural approach to healing, because he did not want to do, or couldn’t afford, surgery) with juicing, sulfur foods, visualization, glucosamine, extra vitamin C and vitamin C foods, a multi for men (2 tabs, 2-3x per day), niacinamide (which can provide an effective alternative to joint replacement surgery, along with other supportive natural healthcare methods), a strong focus on good overall nutrition, and a few other things. He used the Greenstar juicer, and the one I use. If you think differently about food as medicine (and other natural therapies as medicine), rather than drugs, you want the highest levels of nutrition from food you can get. Juicing is the next best thing to nutrient-IV, and the better juicers help you get more nutrition out of the foods, so they end up paying for themselves anyway.

(16.2) Another close friend cured his prostate cancer (he went from having a high prostate cancer score, to an almost zero/non-existent score) with juicing, the anti-cancer diet books mentioned on this webpage, and other positive lifestyle changes (including prayer and visualization for healing).

(16.3) Others:

(17) Health and Healing Philosophy

(17.1) Focus on promoting health, and most conditions will go away on their own. This can take significant serious effort and focus. Daily walks (or jogs and calisthenics, if you feel fine doing them) in sunlight, and many other natural methods things to promote improved health.

(17.2) If someone is not well, they are not simply not healthy, and they need to improve their level of health, through more effective thoughts (using the brain more effectively) for promoting healing, prayer, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, sunlight, fulfilling work, positive and loving relationships, and anything else that can improve an individual's level of health) -- not attempt to solely suppress symptoms of a low level of health with toxic, unnatural patent medicine drugs, and attempt to consider such efforts healthcare or a cure to illness and a cure to symptoms of a low level of health.

(17.3) Achieving a high level of health takes effort, unlike passive therapies (such as simply taking a drug) that do not improve one's level of health, energy, happiness, contentment and vitality.

(18) Additional information on prayer and spiritual health

(18.1) Bible verses on healing.

(19) Cancer clinics

(20) Supportive Therapies

(20.1) Use a “biological dentist” for biocompatible dental care (not amalgam filings, which are about 50% mercury – one of the most toxic minerals known!). Poor dental care correlates strongly to some types of cancer. Solving dental infections may help your immune system function. And, conversely, helping your immune system function can make dental infections, including cavities, go away (as for any other type of infection).

(20.2) Biological dentists:

(20.3) Related articles:
- Dental Filings: A Surprising Risk for Cancer

(21) Track Your Efforts and Results

(21.1) Get a daily planner to track all of your nutrition, workouts, sleep, sunlight exposure, symptoms, nutritional supplements, and all that you are doing to promote improved health. You’ll likely start to see some trends on things that may you feel better (or worse).

(21.2) Common foods that people are sensitive to, and you may want to avoid: wheat and dairy. Food sensitivities is another topic, but also a very important one for improving health and promoting healing and optimal health.